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Langdon Properties LLC focuses on multifamily properties that present a huge opportunity to increase value to our investors. We increase the value by looking at properties that have had poor property management, lower than market rents, deferred maintenance requiring renovations, tired landlords/owners, and finally low occupancy.We invest only in “C” type properties focusing on the workforce community with the goal to increase the property type to “C+ or B-“ while providing clean and safe housing to our residents. The area typically is experiencing job growth; population increase with moving to the area, along with employers expanding their business and thus adding additional jobs. We always underwrite our opportunities conservatively but with an aggressive “value add” strategy to increase the value of the asset thus increasing our investors returns. Come join Langdon Properties LLC in your quest for steady quarterly income where we can control the asset instead of hoping and praying if the stock market will go up while receiving real estate tax benefits to be able to keep more of what you invest.

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